Gypsy's Meadow

Gypsy's Meadow
A horse stands at the corner of the fence as she tells a tale. She shares the stories from her past. The stories of heartbreak, disappointment, and the feeling of finally finding love within her life. She remembered when her life wasn’t as easy as, she struggled to be recognized for who she was. She remembers when a little girl opened her heart and opened up a whole new way of living. She chose her new life, and wants to share it with you; hoping for other horses out there in need, will have a chance to live with love. “Gypsy’s Meadow” is a touching story which tells a tale of other simuliar horses out there that are just plainly looking for a good home. The purpose and mission of this book, is to raise funds for “First Light Farms Equine Shelter”; so other horses can share their “Remember When” and not “Maybe could be.” “Every step we take could be another hoof print left in our hearts.”

From the Author

Years ago, when I lost my horse "Gypsy", I turned to a piece of paper and pencil to help me with my grief.  I needed to take a look at what kind of life she led and how precious she was to me.  I put the piece of paper away and never read it again.  Not long ago, my daughter, Madison, lost her sweet pony "Bambi" from a long battle of founder.  It was so hard to see her grieve, so I retrieved my story and shared it with her.  It was then that she realized how well she cared for Bambi.  She loved her and that was all that Bambi needed.  My daughter asked if we could finish the story, and as hard as it was for the both of us, we did just that.
After visiting the "First Light Farm Equine Shelter" and meeting the horses, and learning their individual stories, it reminded me of Gypsy and Bambi's life story.  Madison suggested to me, "Mom, we should publish the story and donate the book to the farm."  Of course, I jumped on board thinking it was a great idea.  It is hard to let our story go which is so dear and close to our hearts.  Putting Gypsy and Bambi's memory into a helping cause is the perfect way to carry on their memories in helping other horses in need.
First Light Farm has started a wonderful treasure in Down East, Maine.  They have opened up their hearts to the reality that the horses face day to day. They are doing something about it.   Some people can be so cruel, and most of us choose to ignore the truth about what these horses go through.  Our mission is to share this dear story with others to encourage you to reach out to the horses that are unable to use their voice, looking to be cared for and loved.  Be their voice and make a difference.